DC Cross Flow Fans

DC Cross Flow Fans - Part Number Code

DF 30 160 V24 H B -L -FG A -3P
Motor Type Impeller Diameter Impeller Length Voltage Speed Bearing Motor Side Function Special Type Phase
DC Brushless with different frame
DFA: DC Brushless Special
DFG: DC Brushless with Scroll Shape Case
DFM: DC Brushless with 180∘air flow



160:160mm etc.

V12 (DC 12V)
V24 (DC 24V)
V48 (DC 48V)

SH: Super Speed-High
SM: Super Speed-Medium
SL: Super Speed-Low
H: High
M: Medium
L: Low
XL: Extra Low

B: Ball
S: Sleeve
L: Left Motor
R: Right Motor
(View from Airflow side)
FG: FG Signal
RD: RD Signal
PWM: PWM Signal
Special Type 3 Phase


Series Dimension
mm inch
DF25 Ø25mm Ø0.99"
DFE25 Ø25mm Ø0.99"
DF30 Ø30mm Ø1.18"
DF30A Ø30mm Ø1.18"
DF30-3P Ø30mm Ø1.18"
DF40 Ø40mm Ø1.58"
DF40-3P Ø40mm Ø1.57"
DF43 Ø43mm Ø1.69"
DF43-3P Ø43mm Ø1.69"
DFQ43-3P Ø43mm Ø1.69"
DF45-3P Ø45mm Ø1.77"
DFG45-3P Ø45mm Ø1.77"
DF50 Ø50mm Ø1.97"
DF50-3P Ø50mm Ø1.97"
DF60-3P Ø60mm Ø2.36"
DFB60L-3P Ø60mm Ø2.36"
DFG60-3P Ø60mm Ø2.36"
DFH60-3P Ø60mm Ø2.36"
DFM60-3P Ø60mm Ø2.36"
DF65-3P Ø65mm Ø2.56"
DFG65-3P Ø65mm Ø2.56"
DF81-3P Ø81mm Ø3.19"
DFH81-3P Ø81mm Ø3.12"
DF90 Ø90mm Ø3.55"

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