Duct Fan

Duct Fan - Part Number Code

DTF 100 303 V1 D
Fan Type Fan Size Voltage Speed Type

DTF: Duct Fan

DTFP:made of high quality polypropylene

DTFR:The fan cowl is made of thickened stainless steel

Diameter Length V1: 115V
V2: 230V
Double Speed


Series Dimension
mm inch
DTF100303D Ø100x303mm Ø3.9"x11.8"
DTF125276D Ø125mmx276mm Ø4.92"x10.87"
DTF150165 Ø150x172x165mm Ø5.9"x5.77x6.4"
DTF150165 with foot mount Ø172x165x186mm Ø6.8"x6.5x7.3"
DTF150295D Ø150mm x 295mm Ø5.85”x11.5”
DTF200302D Ø200x302mm Ø7.87”x11.89"
DTFP100229 Ø97mmx229mm Ø3.7"x9.0"
DTFP150229 Ø150mmx229mm Ø5.8"x9.0"
DTFP200259 Ø200mmx259mm Ø7.8"x10.2"
DTFR150202 Ø150mmx202mm Ø2.8"x7.8"
DTFR200357D Ø200mmx357mm Ø7.8"x13.9"

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