有需要製作防爆等級的風扇, 請幫我填寫以下表格
If you are looking for explosion proof's fan, please kindly help me fill out the quote below.

1. 需求的風扇大小及電壓? What is the fan's size and voltage?

Fan Size : AC DC Voltage :

2. 需要何種認證? Which Certificate are you trying to apply?

UL(Division) UL(Zone) IECEx(Zone) ATEX(Zone)

3. 工作環境? Working Environment

Dust Gas,Vapors,Liquids

Metal Dust Carbonaceous Dust Non- Carbonaceous Dust

Acetylene Hydrogen Ethylene Propane

4. 環境溫度? Environment Temperature?

5.預估年使用量? Estimate Annual Quantity?

謝謝您的填寫, 我們會盡快安排業務人員跟您連絡.
Thank you for filling out the questions, our sales will contact you as soon as possible.




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