Multi-Purpose Wind Tunnel


  1. Abstract:

    Disclosed is a multi-purpose wind tunnel measurable system providing modular elements, which can be used for measuring the characteristic curve of the fan either in inlet chamber or outlet chamber. Also, the data acquisition system and its software program are provided for auto-recording the measure data.

  2. Design Specification:

    This system is based on the test specification for the AMCA-210/85 “Laboratory Methods of Testing Fans for Rating”.

    This system provides a on-line measurement for the Fan Characteristic Curve and the System Resistance Curve of the CPU Cooler、Thermal Module、and other air flow system。The design concept is based on the modularization of the components, the system is therefore be able to be a function of Inlet Chamber or Outlet Chamber.

    1. Module design of the wind tunnel, pattern number: 17283

    2. The system is designed as the function of the Inlet Chamber or Outlet Chamber easy to convert with each other.

    3. Be able to measure the system (Sink or thermal module) resistance curve either on the inlet method or on the outlet method.

    4. Using personal computing fast handling ability, May pick up the massive test data automatically in a short time, and uses the statistical principle evaluate the data, the reproductive is very high.

    5. Uses Visual Basic higher order programming language. Operates simply, the coordinate could be adjust to fit the any scale of the flow rate and the static pressure, user-friendly

    6. Precise sensory elements, automatic measure fan volumetric flow rate、 Voltage、Amperage and static pressure. The accuracy is high. Provides the fan curve very consist.

    7. The output include the system resistance curve、fan curve、fan power output、fan total pressure curve、fan dynamic curve、fan electric current curve、fan rpm curve and fan efficiency curve. All test procedures are proceeding automatically; the results are instant display on the screen and save to the hard disk simultaneously. Automatically

    8. The system provides the calibration of the pressure、calibration of the flow element and an adjustable coordinate.

    9. Automatically simulate the fan curve taking from constant voltage to the curve at the constant rpm.

  1. Definition:

    Fan density:

    Fan air density is the density of the air corresponding to the total pressure and the total temperature at the fan inlet.

    Fan flowrate:

    Fan flowrate is the volumetric flowrate at fan air density.

    Fan velocity Pressure:

    Fan velocity pressure is the pressure corresponding to the average velocity at the fan outlet.

    Fan Static Pressure:

    Fan static pressure is the difference between the fan total pressure and the fan velocity pressure. Therefore, fan static pressure is the difference between the static pressure at the fan outlet and the total pressure at the fan inlet.

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Computer of wind tunnel system

Computer of wind tunnel system

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Control panel of wind tunnel system



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