1. Rotation direction:

    Clockwise from the front face of the fan a Clear (arrow mark) shall be found on the body of housing.

  2. Safety design:

    All fans have intergrated protection against locked rotor condition so that there will be no damage on winding and any electrical components. Restart is automatic as all obstacles are removed.

  3. Locked rotor protection:

    No damage shall be found throughout the 72 hours at condition of rotation locked. Restart is automatic as soon as constraint running has be released.

  4. Polarity protection:

    No damage shall be found with reverse connection at rated voltage. Up to normal polarity, the fan shall be running normally.

  5. Vibration Test:

    According to JIS C0040 Amplitude 1.5mm frequency 10~55Hz 0.5 hour in 3 direction X, Y, Z. each.

  6. Shock Test : JIS C0040 Acceleration of Grarity:

    60G Time 6 msec. 3 direction X, Y, Z. each.



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