1. Insulation resistance:

    More than 10,000,000 ohm between housing and plus end of lead wire (red color) at 250 V.D.C.

  2. Dielectric strength:

    No damage can be found at 500 V.D.C. 60 sec or 600 V.A.C. 2sec, measured with 5mA trip current between housing and plus end of lead wire.

  3. Life expectancy:

    Expected average life for rated voltage and continuous operation is 50,000 hours(ambient temperature 25C and humidity 65%).

    Regarding definition of life expectancy : The fan motor is running continuously at normal temperature and normal humidity conditions at the rated voltage, initial characteristics are compared with the value after running, the levels are defined below:

    Item Level of Determination
    Current More than 15% of initial value
    R P M More than 15% of initial value
    Noise 5dB A in excess of initial value
    Starting Voltage More than 10% of initial value

    If any items above exceed the levels of determination failure will occure.

  4. Insulation Class:

    A Class



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